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BBonus Rewards

What are BlackBook coins?

BlackBook (BB) coins are BlackBook’s form of reward points. We offer coins as a reward for our customers who choose to book their travel services with us.

You can use your BB coins for discounts on bookings, paying for the full price if you have sufficient BB coins to pay for your next booking.

Alternatively, you can also convert your BB coins into cash back to the credit card that you used to pay for booking (subjected to existing forex and transactional rates). Do note that it may take some time for the amount to be credited to your credit card account/statement.

How do I earn BlackBook coins?

BlackBook (BB) coins are earned when you make bookings on BlackBook.

When searching for travel products on BlackBook, each product will indicate the number of BB coins you stand to earn when you book it. 

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For App

Do note that you only earn BB coins for payments for bookings made in cash. If you happen to pay for a booking entirely with coins, you will not receive any BB coins for that booking.

Do I need to have the full amount of BlackBook (BB) coins for a booking before I can utilize the coins in my account?

You do not need to have the full cost of the room in coins to utilize them for your booking. You may use a combination of your coins and cash to get a discount for a booking. This means you will have the ability to get a discount right after you received your BB coins for your first completed booking (i.e. having completed your stay at the hotel).

Can I choose how many BlackBook (BB) coins to redeem when making a booking?

For bookings on BlackBook, you may choose to either use all of your coins (with cash if you do not have the full amount) or no coins at all. You will not be able to choose how many coins to redeem when making a booking.

Why does the cash value of my BlackBook coins vary?

The estimated converted cash value of your coins is provided to you as an indicative cash value - this cash value of your coins is subjected to existing forex and transactional rates, hence the amount will vary.

BlackBook does not control these rates, hence, you acknowledge that you convert your coins subjected to the existing forex and transactional rates at the moment you choose to make the transaction.

Will my BlackBook Coins expire?

Your BlackBook coins will expire within a three-year period from the date they are credited to your BBonus account. 

We will inform you three months before such an event in order to give you sufficient time to either spend your points for a booking on BlackBook, or convert it to cash.

I've lost my credit card / my credit card has expired - can I still convert my BB coins to cash?

To convert your BB coins to cash, you will need to have a valid credit card that you've used for bookings with us on file. (You will also need to have verified your email with us)

In the case where your credit card on file has expired, or that you no longer have access to your credit card on file, you will not be able to convert your BB coins to cash. 

You will however be able to do so after you next complete a booking on BlackBook Travels with a new and valid credit card.
If you have more questions, please contact our team for further assistance. 

When will my BlackBook coins be credited?

BlackBook coins are only rewarded about 24-48 hours after the end of the stay. This is taking into consideration that there are hotel bookings that offer free cancellations prior to the check-in date. As a result, they can only be offered once the stay has been completed.