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Corporate travellers are taking off again as COVID-19 settles down. Has it been awhile since your last work trip? Here’s a little recap to help you ease back into it. 

Our top 10 travel tips for time-strapped business travelers:

  1. Book non-stops flights

  2. Choose the right seat

  3. Check-in online

  4. Travel light - carry on bag only

  5. Have your documents ready

  6. Pack your laptop and other electronics separately to breeze through security

  7. Always be polite, that gets you through everything faster

  8. Dress smart - avoid metal accessories

  9. Check what additional documents you’ll need for post-covid travel [Our Covid Checker is a good place to start!]

  10. Weigh your luggage in advance

  1. Book non-stop flights

Having to change flights may mean additional rounds of security checks. If your first flight is delayed, you risk missing your second flight. Non-stop flights may sometimes be more expensive but ensure you arrive on time at your destination with the least hassle.

  1. Choose the right seat

“Front and aisle” is all you need to remember. An aisle seat lets you get off the plane quicker (ditto for the bathrooms). And a seat closer to the front of the plane gets you off the aircraft in double quick time.

  1. Check-in online

Airlines usually let their passengers check-in online 48H before departure. Checking-in online is a true time saver especially if you’re only traveling with a carry-on. Otherwise, you will still need to go to the counter to check in your baggage. An online check in also tells the airline you are very likely to show up for your flight. This reduces the chances of an overbooked flight and the possibility of you being denied entry at the last minute.

  1. Travel light

Never underestimate the time you’ll save from just travelling with a carry-on. You’ll be the first to clear immigration and that puts you nicely at the head of the taxi queue. Plus, checking in a bag also subjects you to the risk of losing it. Airlines typically take anywhere from two weeks to a month to track down your missing luggage.

  1. Have your documents ready

This is a no-brainer and one of the most important points to take note of  even for the most dis-organised traveller. Have passport, will travel. Make sure all your important documents - passport, flight ticket - are packed together and stored in an easily accessible spot. Throw in some face masks and hand sanitisers while you’re at it. 

  1. Pack your electronics separately

This trick is especially crucial for clearing security. Pack your laptop and other electronics separately and yank them out conveniently for the ‘x-ray’ machine. Same trick applies for your liquids - creams and cosmetics. 

  1. Be polite

Staying calm is key. While getting on a plane might come with some stress, you should always try to remain calm and be as polite as possible. Be on your best behaviour and make your journey enjoyable for yourself and others.

  1. Dress smart

Dress presentably without sacrificing comfort.  Bonus tip: Avoid belts or shoes with metal bits - that gets you through the security line faster.

  1. Prep additional documents for post-covid travel

Keep up with the travel regulations which are frequently changing so you avoid the worst case scenario and nightmare of every traveller - not being allowed to board the flight. Use our Covid Checker to learn if you need to take additional PCR/ ART tests, if you need to serve a quarantine period and if there are local restrictions you should take note of.  

  1. Weighing your baggages in advance

Check the weight limit on the airline’s website before your flight. This saves you the ordeal of unpacking and transferring items to your carry-on at the check-in counter in full view of everyone else.

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