Singapore-Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble: No Quarantine Required

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It’s official.

The wait is over.

After having our bubbles burst and travel plans repeatedly delayed since late November 2020, the battle to keep your dim sum and shopping withdrawal under control is coming to an end. Mark your calendar and dust off your passport. Hong Kong is ready for visitors again.


Here’s everything you need to know

Official launch date

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) of Singapore announced that the ATB will commence on 26 May 2021.

Who’s allowed to travel

Individuals who’ve been tested negative for COVID-19 in a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which is to be administered within 72 hours before departure. Tests can be taken at recognised clinics and designated testing centres in Singapore and Hong Kong.

You will also be required to take a PCR test upon arrival. Children aged six or younger are exempted from any pre-departure and on-arrival tests when travelling to Singapore.

No restrictions on the purpose of travel

According to the Singapore-Hong Kong ATB arrangement, travellers are allowed to move between both cities without the need for quarantine or Stay-Home Notice. There will be no restrictions on the type of travel (eg. leisure or business).

Number of flights

For the first two weeks (May 26 to Jun 9), there will only be one flight per day in each direction. Each flight will carry no more than 200 passengers. From Jun 10 onwards, the total number of daily flights will be increased to two per day.

No mandatory vaccination

Travellers from Singapore are not required to be vaccinated before departure. While Singapore does not impose such a requirement, the Hong Kong government has required all its citizens to be fully vaccinated before departing for Singapore.

Download the LeaveHomeSafe app

Travellers to Hong Kong will have to download the LeaveHomeSafe app on their mobile devices and use it to scan QR codes before entering various premises.

Other requirements

Visitors from Singapore are to submit a health declaration using the online Health & Quarantine Information Declaration Form within 48 hours prior to their arrival in Hong Kong.

Note: Information presented in this article is accurate as of the time it’s been written. For the latest news on COVID-19 travel restrictions, click here.

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