An Alternative To Hotels: Your Ultimate Singapore Glampcation Guide

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Let’s face it.

There are only so many movies and runny poached eggs on toasts one can stomach before our city-dwelling hearts start pining for the great outdoors again. As we look forward to smacking the thickening dust off our passports, why not pack a bag, grab a loved one and go on an adventure in our own backyard.

Here are 4 glamping providers that specialize in bringing creature comforts of the hotel bedroom out into mother nature.

#1 Glamping Society

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Like love, it’s pretty hard to forget your first.

As the pioneer that brought glamping to our shores, Glamping Society has turned a familiar activity into a unique and lavish experience. Tents beautifully furnished with fairy lights, soft carpeting, comfy airbeds; be prepared to be disappointed by every camping trip that follows.

For a night’s stay in East Coast Park ($270), you get a charmingly decorated tent, a queen bed, cushions, delicious pizzas, beverages, as well as a stunning sea view. Oh, and did we mention fully air-conditioned tents? No more sweating through your shirt when taking in the great outdoors.

For glampers who prefer camping at Punggol Container Park, note that only Large tents (>$400) are available at the moment.

For those looking for the perfect moment to get down on one knee and pop the question, make this your night and check out the Proposal Package ($600). Let Glamping Society make you the most envied couple in the entire park.

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#2 Glampingkaki

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First, they get your attention with the familiar colloquial term; then they capture your heart with “kaki” level of service and attention. From set-up to teardown, trust them to take care of everything like a true kaki.

The Couple Deluxe Medium Bell Tent Package ($190) will get you 1 queen bed, decorations, fairy lights, beach chair (for rent at $10 each). The Standard Medium Bell Tent Package ($220) accommodates up to 4 pax and comes with 2 queen beds. The Superior Large Bell Tent Package ($280) which sleeps up to 6 pax, comes with 3 queen beds.

Busy bridesmaids looking to give the bride-to-be an unforgettable girls’ night, Glampingkaki’s Hens Night’s Package ($150) includes accessories (Bride-to-be sashes and tiara) as well as a gorgeous fairy lights pathway that leads to the tent and an outdoor picnic table. 

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#3 Heavenly Glamping

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There’s glamping, and then there’s GLAMPING.

For couch potatoes who aspire to move as little as possible from their beanbag thrones, Heavenly Glamping stands as the obvious choice. From tent to snacks, your only responsibility would be to eat, relax, and take Instagram Stories to your heart’s content as they handle the rest. Talk about a royal treatment.

No matter party size, Heavenly Glamping has the package for you. For large groups (<6 pax), the Grand Deluxe Package ($350) gets you a luxury bell tent, 3 queen air beds, pillows and cushions, a portable fan, an air-conditioning unit, a foldable table, a bbq pit, and a large gazebo.

For the non-camping folks, we recommend the Heavenly Picnic package ($250), which caters up to 8 pax. You get a picnic table, picnic rug, decorations, Centerpiece A-Frame Decor, fairy lights, and tableware. 

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#4 Glamping City

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Every glamping trip is only as good as its theme.

While most providers offer a typical selection of yawn-inducing, garden-variety (boring) themes, Glamping City invokes fairytale magic and transforms each glampcation into an enchanting, thematic experience.

For those whose dream vacation exists only in the world of books, Glamping City’s themed-focused glamping and picnic packages act as a magical portal to your favourite fictional world. Choose from an exciting selection of themes, such as Harry Potter, Little Mermaid, and the Great Gatsby etc. Not to worry,  they have the classic Princess theme which every girl loves and deserves.

Boyfriends looking to amp up the romance after skipping date night for a soccer game, check out the Cinema Package ($180 to $310). For 3 to 5 hours, you have the film of your choice projected on an 80-inch screen for a private and memorable movie night.

If you’re planning for an upcoming birthday, The Glamping City’s Birthday Package ($280) would check every box on your list.  Balloons, customized birthday signage, a hammock, fairy lights, the works. All set-up and teardown would be done for you. Your only task is to turn up with your blindfolded birthday celebrant and have a ball of a time.

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P.S. Before making a booking, be sure to check with your Glamping provider if you require a camping permit from Nparks. To book BBQ pits, click here.

If you are still hankering for a swanky hotel stay, check out our blog article Staycation: The New Vacation.

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