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As a metropolitan country with a relatively high Gross Domestic Product (GDP), there’s no shortage of expensive adventures to embark on for those with some extra cash to spare.

If you have walked every mall in the country to death and shudders at the mention of another Netflix Party date, this list is for you.

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Once Upon A Secret Supper | Private Dining

Private home dining has been all the rage over the past few years, and for good reasons. 

Industrious homecooks and professional chefs who set out to make a mark in the culinary world have transformed the simple activity of eating out into sensory adventures that tantalise the five senses of those lucky enough to snag a reservation.

Founded by self-proclaimed food geek Angie Ma and a few friends in 2010, Once Upon A Secret Supper is a thematic dining experience like no other. Never will you find a theme being repeated, or a dinner happening at the same location twice, for the dining experience is as enigmatic as the name suggests.

Be it the tropical influence of Coco de Mer, or traditional flavours of Old Jerusalem, expect to be treated to an intimate evening as you indulge in cuisines with intriguing backstories weaved into the dinner service as part of the once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

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Tea Lounge | High Tea Buffet

Known for its buttery English scones and roasted Angus beef sandwiches, Tea Lounge high tea buffet offers a wide variety of scrumptious finger food and hot beverages that would please even the most refined palettes. Caffeine addicts will be stoked to know that the extensive drinks menu includes Illy blends of espresso beverages and fragrant teas. The $47 price tag also entitles you to one dessert off the menu.

Like a scene plucked right out of the Crazy Rich Asians; bonding over bite-sized signatures and juicy gossips after an intense shopping spree sure is a classy way to spend a lazy afternoon.

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White Sails | Yacht Charter to Lazarus Island

While travel restrictions may have us grounded, chartering a yacht to explore neighbouring islands may be the closest thing we have to a vacation. 

Bragging rights and Instagram opportunities aside, an afternoon spent lounging on the deck with a book in one hand and a glass of champagne in another en route to the beautiful Lazarus Island is the best way for city dwellers to unwind and feel the stress ebbing away.

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G.Spa | Massage and All-you-can-eat-buffet

Nothing screams indulgence more than a late night spa date at 2am. Upon entering the front door, the stunning interior and resort-like atmosphere of the massive 30,000 sq ft compound hints at its guests that this establishment is nothing like your regular spa.  For just $68, guests have access to a whole range of facilities and services.

Massages are carried out by highly-qualified therapists in individual rooms for that extra privacy (away from snoring customers), while the restrooms are equipped with massive hot and cool pools where guests can relax and unwind together.

Guests who aren’t into massages or spas have the option of hitting the gym or plopping themselves onto a fully-reclining armchair for a quick nap or a movie. 

Still regretting having not ordered that extra piece of egg prata during supper? 

Fret not, for the house chefs at G.Spa are accustomed to slaying the hunger pang monster with piping hot international dishes. From Thai pineapple rice to grilled fish and steak, guests are free to eat to their hearts’ content. For those feeling a little snacky, dim sum and curry chicken are just some of the self-help items available that’re bound to satisfy your late night cravings.

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