Exciting Places To Visit In Hong Kong In 2021

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At last, the wait is over.

Hong Kong has recently announced that it’s ready to receive adventure-starved travellers tormented by chronic wanderlust onto its shores.

Amidst the enthusiastic itinerary planning and ferocious purchasing of air tickets, it’s important to remain vigilant and consider the necessary precautions when visiting the country that’s recovering from the effects of civil unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few tips on staying safe during your holiday in Hong Kong.

Protests/Rioting Safety Tips

  • Keep abreast of current news or contact embassy and request for regular updates
  • Stay connected with family and friends as often as possible
  • Avoid travelling to places where demonstrations may take place
  • Seek refuge in a nearby building until the crowd passes
  • Bookmark this list of local emergency contacts 
  • More safety tips on staying safe while travelling

    Covid-19 Safety Tips

    • Wash hands often with soap or alcohol-based hand rub
    • Always wear a mask and carry hand sanitizers while in public
    • Maintain social distance of at least 1 metre away from others
    • Choose to dine in open-air and well-ventilated restaurants when possible
    • Seek medical attention promptly if you are feeling unwell
    • Download LeaveHomeSafe mobile app and be alerted when you are in the same venue as a recently confirmed Covid-19 patient

        Social Distancing Restrictions 

        • Gatherings up to 4 pax are allowed per group
        • Starting Nov 16, eateries are allowed to remain open till 12am, seating only 4 people while ensuring the total number of diners not exceed 50% capacity
        • Nightlife entertainment venues are allowed a maximum of 50 capacity, with 2 people per table
        • Outdoor activities such as hiking and must be carried out while adhering to the social distancing rule

        Now that you’re caught up with all the important safety and hygiene measures, let’s check out the latest places you must visit in 2021!

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        Mashi no Mashi | Wan Chai District

        The new kid on the block is bringing some serious beef to the Wan Chai District, a metropolitan area replete with exciting dining options.

        The team behind Hong Kong’s first wagyu tsukemen restaurant is none other than the creators of Wagyumafia - birthplace of the world’s most expensive beef sandwich.

        Ordering is done via an automated ticket machine near the entrance. The restaurant boasts a lean and dedicated menu, offering three choices for customers to choose from. The most highly-recommended item on the menu (Tokusei Wagyu tsukemen), comes with 150g of al dente noodles topped with a large slice of kobe beef, bamboo shoots, cabbage, nori and half a soft-boiled egg.

        The undisputed star of every ramen dish is its broth. Here at Mashu no Mashi, a much thicker and complex broth is served; filling each bowl with rich flavours of beef and bones. When paired with the fresh ingredients and prized Ozaki beef chosen for its balanced fat-to-meat ratio, the result is a bowl of hearty and decadent ramen that you would recall fondly long after the trip is over.

        When locating the restaurant, keep your eyes peeled for the conspicuous neon sign displaying two monkeys.

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        Photo by Global Cultural Districts Network

        West Kowloon Cultural District

        Preserving the identity and roots of a nation is imperative in the face of unprecedented globalisation. West Kowloon Cultural District, one of the largest cultural projects to date is Hong Kong’s attempt at sharing its proud traditions with the world.

        Situated along the world famous harbour-front site, the development consists of 5 main buildings with the first section of the Arts Park opened as of 2018. History, art, and culture buffs are in for a treat as the M+ Museum that’s slated to open in 2021 will be the largest museum for modern and contemporary visual culture in the world.

        For travellers with a profound love for traditions, the equally impressive Xiqu Centre is home to a Grand theatre and a smaller Tea House theatre where the practice of traditional Chinese performances and Cantonese Operas are showcased and preserved.

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        Photo by Origin Bar

        Night Out in Soho

        Being known as the city that never sleeps, the bars and pubs of Soho district certainly live up to expectations. From swanky award-winning cocktail bars to English-style pubs decorated with mounted animal heads and antique furniture, the neighbourhood of Soho is the perfect night out for travellers who love going on pub crawls.

        Gin lovers ought to check out Origin Bar, a bar known for infusing their delicious gins with unique flavours and influences such as homemade hawthorn purée and tofu pudding.

        Whisky and wine enthusiasts are not forgotten in the sea of playful cocktails and fancy craft beers, for Nocturne is dedicated to satisfying the more sophisticated palette with its huge menu that consists of more than 150 varieties of Japanese, Scotch, Taiwanese, and Bourbon whiskies, as well as 250 different labels and wine and champagne.

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        Victoria Peak

        No trip is complete without a rewarding hike on Victoria Peak. With so much happening on the street level, it’s easy to forget that a whole other side of Hong Kong lies beyond the concrete jungle.

        Travellers who manage to crest the hill are rewarded with a new-found appreciation for Hong Kong’s impressive man-made structures cast against the backdrop of Mother Nature’s lush greenery surrounding the city.

        To reach Victoria Peak, catch the Peak Tram from the Lower Terminus or a taxi ride (<$HK100) from Central. Be sure to explore the park and its many lookouts perched on the peak of the mountain and grab a bite to recharge at Peak Tower and Peak Galleria.

        *Disclaimer: Kindly note that all information stated in this article is accurate as of 16 Nov 2020. Travellers are advised to stay updated on the latest changes before making your final bookings.

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