4 Pet-Friendly Hotels In Singapore

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For pet parents, no getaway is purr-fect unless we get to pat and cuddle with our four-legged kids while waiting for the next episode of Modern Family on Netflix to load.

On top of being beautifully furnished and comfortably nestled within walking distance from sandy beaches, popular attractions, and endless shopping options, the pet-friendly hotels on this list deserve a special place in our hearts for making staycations with our furry companions paw-sible.

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Photo by Capella Hotels & Resorts

Capella Hotel

Tucked away in the sunny island of Sentosa, Capella is the perfect amalgamation of colonial elegance and architectural sophistication with a contemporary twist. Planted in the midst of lush tropical greenery with the blue foamy sea of the South China Sea at its doorstep, the swanky king-size bed, rainforest showerhead, and panoramic view from the balcony allows one to indulge in a momentary pleasure that’s often familiar only to the upper echelons of society.


For dogs with an infinite level of energy that rivals that of nuclear power plants, the expansive compound of Capella is the perfect weekend getaway both owners and pets can enjoy.

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Photo by Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa’s Pampered Paws package ($500++/night) includes the Courtyard Suite that comes with a private courtyard, a four poster king-size bed, and a personal jacuzzi perfect for those who love a little privacy. Hidden away from the mainland, the resort offers the perfect escapade for you and your beloved pets. 

Suntan on the beach, jump on a ride on the exhilarating Battlestar Galactica at the Universal Studios, or simply spend a relaxing afternoon soaking in the jacuzzi while the fur kid enjoys the ample space in the suite’s private courtyard. The day is yours to seize and there is no wrong way to enjoy the perfect staycation and all it has to offer.

On top of the gorgeous rooms and amenities, Amara Sanctuary Resort’s Pampered Paws package offers the most exclusive welcome packs for the furry friends. Each pack includes wellness petite entrees and treats, woosh pet wipes, wellness core kibbles, honeycare waste bag and a dog toy.

For those who prefer not sharing their beds with their pets, fret not! A dog bed will be provided for your pet that deserves to spend a night in luxury as well.

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Photos by Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Four Seasons Hotel

Located on Orchard Boulevard, Four Seasons Hotel has everything a pet-cation needs. With gigantic shopping malls and a myriad of dining options all within walking distance, the urban sanctuary is ideal for guests looking to pamper themselves and their pets with the opulent comfort this five-star hotel has to offer.

Upon entering the room, guests will be greeted by a brightly-lit room with large glass windows allowing ample sunlight to pour through. The room is furnished to the hilt, with a 65-inch LED TV, a massive king-size bed, and air purifiers and hand sanitizers for extra protection. For history and nature lovers, the rooms are decorated with a muted colour palette that reflects the influence of the nearby UNESCO World Heritage, the Singapore Botanic Gardens. On top of the main area, the fully marble bathroom is impeccably-furnished with a giant bathtub that’s large enough for both owner and pet to have a bubble bath.

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Photo by Intercontinental Singapore

Intercontinental Singapore

Owners with more than one fur kid no longer have to make the difficult choice of only bringing one of their pets along. Up to 2 pets are allowed with Intercontinental’s Paw-fect Weekends staycation package ($465/night). 

The all inclusive package comes with the sumptuous hotel breakfast for two, specially-prepared welcome packs for your beloved companions, as well as $50nett-in-room dining credits that can be used to order delicious meals from their exclusive pet-friendly menu.

A 2 hour-guided heritage walk (Saturday, 4 to 6pm) provided by the hotel is the perfect option for guests looking for activities that both owners and pets can enjoy. Besides a soft and inviting king-size bed with exceptionally strong gravitational pull, Intercontinental’s commitment to comfort extends to our four-legged companions as equally comfortable plush pet beds will be provided for them.

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