The Future Of WFH: Best Places To Work From Around The World

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While the world recovers and regains its footing from the impact brought about by the pandemic, there is no question that Covid-19 has changed the way we work.

While some enjoy working in their pyjamas and savouring that extra 45 minutes of sleep, many are looking forward to a change in scenery when the world is safe for travel again.

Whether you are an employee whose desire to work remotely has been made possible by the pandemic, or a freelancer longing for the day when you could be answering emails against the backdrop of Mount Fuji again, the future of remote work is filled with exciting possibilities! 

Here are 4 of the most amazing places in the world to work from!

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#1 Vietnam

Affordably priced hotels, great coffee, and a stable wifi connection. It is no wonder Vietnam remains a hot favourite amongst digital nomads. As new cafes and boutique coffeeshops continue to pop up all across major cities, Vietnam is poised and ready to welcome the era of remote work. 

With Hollywood pumping out movie after movie showcasing the beauty of Halong Bay and the Ninh Binh Province, wide-eyed freelancers continue to flock to its shores from all corners of the world.

For those intrigued by the cultural diversity of the region, Thailand and Cambodia are just a few short hours away. With plenty of ways to explore neighbouring countries, weekend getaways are often rewarding and inexpensive.

Lastly, the country’s decisive efforts in controlling the pandemic have garnered praises globally, which makes it probably one of the safest countries to work from once its borders are open. 

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#2 New Zealand

Before receiving global attention for its effectiveness in mitigating the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the island country of New Zealand has long been looked upon fondly by many for having a great work-life balance.

Having the landmass of Japan with only a fraction of the number of people means more living space for everyone. The relaxed pace of life and friendly disposition of the locals who have grown accustomed to foreign visitors contribute greatly to an ideal work and living environment for remote workers.

Depending on where you choose to stay, accommodation can be rather inexpensive, ranging from $25 a night for a backpackers hostel to $120 at a mid-tier motel.

With the rise of remote working and freelancing, vagabond freelancers are also no longer confined to just Auckland and Wellington. As the borders of New Zealand opens up to welcome visitors in the Post-COVID world, sipping on your third Mimosa while trying to come up with the best logo as you lounge on the beach of Mount Maunganui at three in the afternoon is starting to look like a really good idea.

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#3 Bulgaria

While Bulgaria is generally inexpensive to work and live in, the city of Varna, one of the oldest cities on the Black Sea, is considered by many as the paradise for remote work. With a cost of living comparable to cities like Chiang Mai, digital nomads do not have to worry excessively about expenses even during times when work is slow to come by.

Accommodations in Bulgaria typically range from $450 to $900 a month. While booking through Airbnb may cost you a little more, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find quality lodging that costs $1000 a month or less. Food is also incredibly cheap in Varna, with restaurants serving main courses and salads at approximately $4 to $6.

When in Varna, It would be wise for beer lovers to look for a trusted friend who is willing to wrestle the 6th pint of Golden Varna out of their hands at all cost. With craft beers going at $1 per half litre, rousing speeches regarding resolve and willpower ought to be taken with a gigantic dose of scepticism.

For those who consider smooshing bodies with strangers and grooving in unison to electronic music a good time, Varna boasts a vibrant nightlife and beach scene that would satisfy the party animal in all.

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#4 Australia

Australia has managed to secure a spot as one of the best places to work in the world with its sunny climate and vibrant culture. With each major city possessing a distinct culture and appeal, it is no wonder the expat population has grown tremendously across all states and age groups.

For those wishing to experience Australia at a slower pace, Perth would check all the right boxes. With a great amount of money poured into building magnificent parks such as the Kings Park and Hyde Park, remote work no longer has to be confined to cafes or hotel lobbies. It is also interesting to note that accommodations in Perth among one of the most affordable in the country, thus allowing travellers to put the extra cash towards food and entertainment.

While Perth may appeal to lovers of the great outdoor, travellers who pride themselves on being urban dwellers with a penchant for the arts should look no further than Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne. Littered with boutique cafes and watering holes, the city has no shortage of places that are ideal for an afternoon of productive work.

As art and culture are held in high esteem, free comedy shows and museums trips are not a rare occurrence in the city. With eye-catching and bold graffiti art splashed across street walls and back alleyways, freelance artists and graphic designers only have to look around them for the creative block to melt away.

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