5 Places You Need To Explore According To Your Traveller Type

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Travelling is a luxury that we only truly appreciate once it’s taken away from us (yes COVID, we're talking about you). Nonetheless, when the time is right, beat your untamed travel bug with a travel list filled with places you’ve never been to before. Here’s a list of unique destinations around the world to get you started. We have handpicked places in various regions to ensure your years ahead are filled with new adventures and unforgettable experiences.

As the Dalai Lama once said, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” Very wise words.

1. A Musical Affair In Western Europe

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Salzburg, Austria

The Salzburg Festival is the world’s greatest classical music affair. In 2020, the festival is turning 100. Expect its feast of opera, classical music and drama to be louder and more eventful. There will be special events taking place all over the historic city center, from concerts, plays, readings, to Mozart matinees and more. If that’s not enough reason, close your eyes and picture Salzburg's iconic 900-year-old cliff top fortress set against the backdrop of the glorious alpine. Now that’s a view you don’t want to miss.

2. A Cultural Expedition In Central Asia

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Uzbekistan is known as the heart of the ancient Silk Road - ideal for those curious about the beginnings of international commerce and with it, the spread of religious ideas, art, language, and culture. From the Samarkand’s Registan, the ornately tiled, mosaic-clad madrassas (historic Islamic schools) that glitter indigo and gold at dawn, to the Kalon Mosque in Bukhara - a mosque so beautiful that Genghis Khan himself could not bear to destroy - Uzbekistan promises to awe you with its Islamic-inspired art and architecture.

3. The Pyramid Galore In Africa

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Source: Adrian Dascal

Cairo, Egypt

Ever been to night-markets and cafe streets and enjoyed them thoroughly? Cairo is set to exceed your expectations. Think colourful, bustling bazaars and ancient cafes serving mouth-watering shish tawooq (grilled chicken) and kushari (rice and lentils). An exciting piece of news is that Cairo’s Grand Egyptian Museum is opening its doors in 2020. This means that along with watching the pyramids under the clear, starry sky, you can also view the mind boggling treasures of Tutankhamun. The city’s ancient past, combined with its contemporary art and music scene, will deliver magical experiences unlike any other.

4. An Eco-Friendly Affair In Central America

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Source: Alex Ip

Costa Rica

With travellers becoming increasingly aware of the negative impacts of eco-degradation, there is a need to find a balance between exploration and preservation of local land.

In Costa Rica, you can indulge in self-care whilst staying assured that the environment is well-cared for. 90% of the country’s energy comes from renewable sources as Costa Ricans understand the importance of preserving their tropical paradise, whilst inviting others to live in harmony with nature, the sea, and all its creatures. So hike a volcano, bathe in a waterfall, take a yoga retreat and then cool off with a spa day - pura vida (pure life) is their way of life.

5. A Zen Reawakening In South Asia

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Source: Passang Tobgay


Take a spiritual journey in Bhutan’s tranquil mountains and lose yourself in the Himalayan valleys. Immerse yourself amongst people whose Buddhist beliefs will get you in tune with the environment, and your inner-self. Your first stop has to be the dzongs (fortress monasteries) close to Paro and Thimphu. Then, go on the off-the-beaten paths and hunt the Himalayan blue poppy in Haa, and raft in the Pho Chhu River.

After all, the only way to grow is to do things out of your comfort zone. Make memories, explore the unknown, immerse in different cultures, and see things from another lens. May your future years bring you growth and wisdom, the best things you can take away from travelling.

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