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Business travel… some love it for the opportunity to see the world, while others hate it for disrupting family life. Whichever side you belong to, you can still make the best of it by taking advantage of the multitude of travel rewards available out there.

#1 Book through OTAs to load up on air miles

If your company does not require you to book your flight through an appointed business travel agent, it is definitely worth doing the heavy lifting yourself by booking through an online travel agency (OTA) like Agoda, Expedia or

Not only do you earn rewards on these OTA bookings, you could potentially triple your rewards by earning air miles with the airline and points when you use a credit card that favours travel purchases.

Get cash rewards for the everyday when you travel for business

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#2 Maximize your rewards for that hotel booking

There is a tug of war between OTAs and hotels for that extra dollar you spend on hotel bookings. No clear winner on this one… we give you the low-down on each.

If you travel often on large hotel chains, booking directly with the hotels may work well for you. Through their own loyalty program, you will be able to receive loyalty points and elite benefits that could offer perks like free breakfasts, upgrades and late check-outs. 

However, if you’d rather not be limited to one hotel and just want to get the best hotel deal available wherever you’re going, going with an OTA would reap you the most rewards.

Reward programs on OTAs like or Black Book Travels offer free stays, better prices, extra perks or even cash rewards. The opportunity to book multiple properties and flights on one rewards program also greatly speeds up your next “free” vacation.

Get cash rewards for the everyday when you travel for business

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#3 Don’t miss out on car rental perks

It pays to stay loyal to one car rental company when it comes to renting a car for your business trip. Major car rental companies offer perks anywhere from bypassing the counter during pickup, easy drop-offs to free rental days and even air miles / hotel rewards.

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