Quick Guide: How To Get To Taichung, Cingjing And Hualien From Taipei

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Besides exploring Taipei, families planning for longer holidays often include Taichung, Cingjing and Hualien in their itinerary.

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If you are planning for a free-and-easy holiday via public transport, here is some travel information on how to get to Taichung City, Cingjing and Hualien from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport.


How to get to Taichung from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

Families who are traveling to Taichung from Taipei’s main airport, there are High-Speed Rail (HSR) and bus routes you can consider (Source).

  • Taoyuan International Airport à HSR Taoyuan station (20 mins)
  • HSR Taoyuan station à HSR Taichung station /New Wuri train station (40 mins) à Taiwan Railway à Taichung train station (15 mins)
  • Taoyuan International Airport à take the bus to Taichung train station (1hr 50mins)
  • HSR Taichung station à New Wuri train station (5 mins on foot) à Taichung train station (15 mins)
  • Chaoma Bus Station à Taichung train station (20mins)

Taichung and Cingjing are relatively close to each other. Visitors who visit Taichung usually travel to Cingjing too, as its laidback and cooling weather makes it a crowd-pleaser.

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How to get to Cingjing from Taichung City

Traveling to Cingjing Farm from Taichung takes slightly under 2 hours by car. Besides taxis or private cars, there are shuttle buses that you can consider.

If you are planning to go directly to Cingjing Farm, the shuttle buses head there too. Green Green Grasslands is a popular spot to start your Cingjing Farm adventure. Check out Nantou Bus and KKday for the shuttle bus schedule and ticket prices.

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How to get to Cingjing from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

If you are heading straight to Cingjing from the airport in Taipei, here are some transport options besides private cars.

  • Take the Kuo Kuang Bus from airport to Taipei High Speed Rail (HSR) Station (also known as Taipei Main Station train stop) (approx. 60 minutes)
  • Take the High-Speed Rail from Taipei HSR Station to Taichung HSR Station
  • Take the E-go Cingjing Tour Bus from Taipei Main Station to Cingjing (approx. 4 hours)

Alternatively, you may consider taking the OKBus or book through Changi Recommends – the shuttle bus has a pick-up location at Taipei Main Station and drives up to Cingjing. The journey takes approximately 5 hours.

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How to get to Hualien from Cingjing

By car, it takes about 3.5 hours to get from Cingjing to Hualien.

Some transport companies include a day tour when going from Cingjing to Hualien, so if you prefer a nice, scenic drive, you get to visit popular nature spots such as Taroko and Hehuanshan in Hualien.

You can pre-purchase tickets for shuttle buses that take visitors from Cingjing to Hualien. The journey takes about 6 hours.

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How to get to Hualien from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

Hualien County is located on the East of Taiwan, and its mountainous terrains and sea breeze make it a great close-to-nature travel spot.

Getting to Hualien from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport is convenient with shuttle buses, public train and a short flight.

  1. Take the shuttle bus to Taipei Railway Main Station then take train to Hualian, or;
  2. Take the shuttle bus to Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA), which takes about 50 min and connect on the local flight (35 min) to Hualien Airport (HUN).

Check here for shuttle bus service, and here for Taiwan railway timetable. For flights to Hualien Airport (HUN) from Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA), more details of the 35-minute plane ride can be found here (Source).

This list was compiled with information available from various sources. While we try to maintain accuracy, we do advise you to check with the respective establishment/merchant before making a trip to the above-mentioned places.

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