How To Make The Most Out Of Your Business Trip

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Business travel is almost a given these days. With hectic schedules and piles of work to catch up on, following a few simple tips can help you make your business trip more enjoyable than exhausting.

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#1 Pack Light

Try to squeeze everything you need in a carry-on so you can get out of the airport as fast as you can and avoid lost baggage. Plan your daily outfits to prevent overpacking. 

If you will be sharing product samples, ship those products in advance to your destination. Be sure to do this only if shipping to your destination country is reliable.

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#2 Plan Your Every Move

Leave spontaneous travelling for your next vacation. Do your research beforehand to avoid unnecessary stress so you can bring your A game to those business meetings. 

Don’t forget to scope out the neighbourhood your hotel is in, plan your travelling routes to business meetings and schedule blocks of time for solo work and downtime. Tag locations on Google Maps to keep a list of all the destinations on your business trip itinerary in one place.   

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#3 Be Consistent

For the corporate traveller, going with one or two airlines or hotels is best. The comfort of knowing what to expect from your business class flight to the amenities at the hotel will allow you to focus your energy on work. Maintaining a regular routine when it comes to sleep, exercise and diet will help relieve the stress of being in an unfamiliar place.

#4 Make the Most of Loyalty Programs

Building airline status can get you seat upgrades, priority boarding and free flights. Access to airport lounges’ wi-fi, showers, caffeine and quiet workspaces are also great perks, especially when flights get delayed.

Other loyalty programs for credit cards, online travel agencies and even car rentals not only offer priority check-ins, airport transfers but also allow points accumulation or even cash rewards.

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#5 Take Time Out for Leisure

Social and leisure activities are just as important as business meetings during a work trip. Plan to arrive in the city earlier to experience the sights and sounds. This can help to break the ice at meetings the next day. Dinner invitations are great for networking, deepening business relationships and discovering new opportunities.

Skip room service for a meal out alone or even take an extra day or two to give yourself a healthy dose of relaxation.

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