5 African Travel Influencers To Keep An Eye On In 2020!

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Like many who do not live in Africa, my perception of the continent has been greatly shaped by mainstream media (for better or for worse), and the highly praised Marvel movie, Black Panther. Interestingly, a quick search for “Is Wakanda a real place” during the release of the movie will reveal that I am not the only frog in this well. Thank God.

Hence, I have uncovered 5 influencers that could provide us with useful travel tips and some real insights on the challenges and joys of living in Africa. It’s lesson time guys, so buckle up.


Dawn Bradnick Jorgensen | The Incidental Tourist

So much more than a travel blogger dispensing useful hacks and tips, Dawn Bradnick Jorgensen answers the greater calling: advocacy. Devoted to spreading awareness and inspiring positive change, Dawn is heavily involved in numerous humanitarian and environmental causes. Driven by her singular passion for sustainable tourism that challenges us to enjoy the world without compromise, Dawn is a force(of nature) to be reckoned with. 

That said, travellers searching for information will undoubtedly find her blog an invaluable resource for all things travel-related. After all, it is not everyday one receives international recognition for being one of the most influential travel blogs of South Africa.

Natalie Roos | Tales of a Mermaid 

Having spent a huge portion of her growing-up years in Johannesburg, Natalie started this blog as a means to share her life as an inhabitant of the land. What started out as a platform for personal use has evolved into something of much greater influence. As visitors looking to her for valuable travel tips grew over time, the authenticity that permeated her writings started drawing empathetic readers like moths to flame. Stories about her struggle with depression and the many ways that travelling has been a catalyst for her personal growth converted many visitors to regular readers.

Those passing through became fans, and fans became friends. For those searching for something beyond a mere travel guide, Tales of a Mermaid is where you should pitch your tent.

Trevor Stuurman | Trevor Stuurman Website

Barack Obama, Beyonce, and Kendall Jenner, are not names commonly found in the same sentence. Heck, not even in the same paragraph. When one traces the lines and connects the dots, it is often a surprise to many that the artist with said bragging rights and credentials is only 26 years of age.

Eye-popping colours and edgy compositions that differentiate Trevor’s work from the typical content found on social media platforms are sure to disrupt our mindless scrolling routine.

Trevor’s gift for visual art and media has afforded him opportunities to work with titans of the arts & entertainment industry, having been described by CNN’s African voices as a “cultural force”. For those who appreciate varied forms of art, Trevor’s work is indeed a feast for the eyes.

Kiki | The Blonde Abroad

Having travelled to over 70 countries, The Blonde Abroad specializes in helping women find the confidence to travel the world. From solo travel guides to packing tips, travellers will undoubtedly find countless resources that will make the planning process much smoother.

Kiki’s extensive travel experience has provided her with the opportunity to learn many photography tricks and tips that enabled her to continue producing visually stunning content during her solo adventures. Individuals looking to up their Instagram game will no doubt find the tips offered on her website invaluable.

Honourable mention:

Neo Rapetsoa | Neo Rapetsoa Youtube Channel

Her growing presence in the African Youtube community can be attributed to her bubbly personality and the broad range of interesting topics she regularly talks about. Having to spend only a few moments in the comment section of her videos, it is apparent that her magnetic personality has garnered her a loyal following. 

Topics of her videos cover anything from “tips on ways to grow social media accounts from scratch”, to more intimate conversations such as the time when she had her first period. If a dose of positivity to jolt you out of the mundanity of daily life is what you need, you would do well to spend a few minutes feeling rejuvenated by her content. It will make your day, I promise. 

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